Vertical & Horizontal Dial Pendulums


Dr. Ibrahim Karim, developed the BioGeometry® Horizontal & Vertical Pendulum set, as one of the foundational research tools in BioGeometry®. The Horizontal & Vertical Pendulum set includes two dial pendulums that measure the subtle energy quality of the vertical and horizontal wave components separately.

The Horizontal pendulum detects only the quality of the horizontal component of a wave, and is therefore used to detect beneficent energy qualities, allowing us to categorize any object in the universe with color energy quality that it is most in resonance with. A single polarized color is susceptible to the dosage effect found in modern medicine. What this means is that the presence of a horizontal color quality is not the only indication of whether the body needs it or not. For that you have to use a pendulum on a neutral setting, calibrated to your personal wavelength. An alternative would be to find your own personal color on the back of your hand, and with the color calibration, good objects should strengthen your personal color (even they are not emanating that color). The presence of BG3 overrides the problem of dosage, as it produces a centering effect.

The Vertical Pendulum measures only the quality of the vertical component of a wave and is therefore used to detect detrimental energies, such as polluted underground water, chemicals, pesticides, earth radiation, radioactivity, electromagnetic radiation, poisonous plants, and also human diseases.

This advanced pendulum set is an improvement on previous physical Radiesthesia pendulums such as the virtual cone because the radial setting is more accurate than the sliding disk on the shaft, there is a separate pendulum for each wave plane, the Vertical pendulum is sensitive enough to detect gridlines even when they have been harmonized, and has special attachments for Hartmann and Curry grid detection.

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