Djed-Wadj Combination Pendulum & BG3 Emitter (Wood)


Egyptian Geometric Energy Emitter and Pendulum The Djed-Wadj pendulum is a geometric emitter of the BG3 out of its flat base. It is a combination of two different well-known ancient Egyptian forms, the Djed and the Wadj.

Please note that this a student tool covered in the Foundation training and does not come with instructions.

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Foundation Training Student Tool

Experimental Uses of the Djed-Wadj
Dr. Karim and his students have explored these uses for the Djed-Wadj:
As an experimental healing stick on any part of the body, particularly any energy centers of the body including iridology points in the eyes, acupuncture points, and reflexology zones. It can be placed directly over any injured or imbalanced area of the body.

Opening a chakra in a few seconds by placing it over the chakra.
Imbuing food, drink, medicines, anything taken internally or put one the body with the BG3, and canceling toxic energies by holding or rotating it over them.

The Djed-Wadj has a flat base allowing it to be put directly on the witness of a person, on a photograph of a person, or on a photograph of a particular part of the body needing aid. Left there, it continuously broadcasts the BG3 to that person.

It is a highly sensitive pendulum for dowsing. It is an active emitter type of pendulum which means it will help raise the energy of the user. In addition, its emission of the BG3 has a prophylactic effect that helps reduce the toxicity one absorbs when dowsing a toxic substance. This property makes it a preferred tool for dowsing detrimental energies.

When the Djed-Wadj is used on any object or being for measurements or evaluation, it will charge them with the BG3 and will often lead to temporary balancing of their energies. Because of this, be aware that it should not be used for evaluating the health or energy balance of a person or thing, since its beneficial effect may mask underlying energy imbalances you are trying to detect. It is, however, an excellent tool to use for the eventual energy balancing work.

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