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Meet Jean Menges

Jean Menges has been an Independent Licensed BG-EHS Practitioner since 2014. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Medical Technology from Case Western Reserve and a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from South Baylo University. Jean has also served as a research assistant at the University Hospitals of Cleveland, performing molecular genetics and microbiology research.

A 35-year healthcare career deeply informs Jean’s mission as a BioGeometry home practitioner. She harnesses her extensive knowledge of scientifically-grounded BioGeometry precepts and deep determination to repair and restore harmony to individual homes, commercial spaces, the community, and the Earth’s environmental energies.

Jean will travel for BG-EHS projects in North America and internationally from her office locations in Tampa (Florida) and New York City.

The electricity that powers our increasingly “wired” planet and the rapid spread of cell towers, WiFi and other modern technological and architectural conveniences, have created energy interactions that disturb and create imablances in the environment and our bodies The effects are subtle, but noticeable.

BioGeometry offers a solution to these energy interaction problems.

Why BioGeomety

The revolutionary science of BioGeometry uses the subtle energy principles of geometric form to introduce natural balance to the different energy-qualities found in any living system. Due to the widespread success of BioGeometry’s research projects in the fields of qualitative energy balancing of the human energy system and environment, BioGeometry has developed personalized solutions to help protect yourself from sources of environmental stress, including electro-smog, geopathic stress, and low levels of radioactivity, as well as providing overall energy balance.